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Welcome Yogis! This is the temple where our main goal is to help your mind, body & spirit connect, developing your own healthy and spiritual process. You’ll be filled with pure gratitude and relaxation while elevating your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. We provide everything for your mind and body could possibly need. Welcome home to Green Yoga Me.


Choosing a Life of Balance

We believe in living a life full of joy, gratitude, and free of the Yoga Life. We share our values and knowledge as a guide for our students during our teachings and practices at Green Yoga Me.

Why Green Yoga Me? We love and respect Mother Earth, the connection to nature can be pretty powerful and filling. We expand our green heart as we practice and teach with loving and kindness..activating our Heart Chakra.

ME it's about the human connection empowering you and about our Mother Earth.

We focus on helping you to better connect to yourself and your surroundings. We offer a variety of services: online classes, one to one, sound healing meditations, groups classes, yoga retreats, classes in the park, workshops, and more to help you achieve a healthier body, mind & soul. Namaste

Yoga Practice


Lessons to Live By

Hatha Yoga


Improve flexibility | Increase strength

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga was first introduced to the world by the Yoga Master K. Pattabhi Joice from Mysore. This style is energetic, synchronising breath with movements. Each pose (asana) is linked by flowing movements (vinyasas). When practised constantly, physical and mental afflictions dissolve and vibrant health and Self-awareness arise. This particular class helps build flexibility from which one can transition into new positions and exercises. This flow centres around control and precision, with a diversity of exercises and modifications to suit a wide range of levels from beginner to advanced.

Image by Dane Wetton


Improve balance | Increase endurance 

The word “hatha” can be translated two ways: as “willful” or “forceful,” or the yoga of activity, and as “sun” (ha) and “moon” (tha), the yoga of balance. Hatha practices are designed to align and calm your body, mind and spirit in preparation for meditation. Poses are held for a little bit longer allowing to focus on your core and strength. All of the classes at Green Yoga Me attempt to coordinate breathing and physical movement, improve focus and concentration, and help participants regain control of their body and mind.


Enhance mindfulness | Reduce stress

Focus on the present moment and breath. Among its many benefits, this class helps improve numerous aspects of your life including better sleep, gaining a new perspective on stressful situations, improve your memory, reducing negative emotions, increasing patience and tolerance. Those who have tried this practice have described feeling more relaxed, joyful and less distracted by their thoughts, demonstrating an enhanced ability to solve problems, recall information better and live a mindful life.


Focus On Personal Goals & Needs

A private class will allow you to have a deep connection on how Yoga can help you to reach your goals and in your everyday life. If you’re completely new to yoga, you might find group classes a little overwhelming, if you are interested in deepening your practice you might not find complete attention from the teacher during group classes. A private class can fulfil your needs at any level. In yoga, it’s absolutely imperative that you learn the basics correctly and ensure proper alignment. Without doing so, you’re at an increased risk of injury while doing yoga and no one wants that. A teacher can guide step by step on how to be aware of your body movements. Another important factor is time/schedule, the class works around your availability so you don't need to stress about getting into your class by rushing from work, you can set up a time that suits you.

Head Stand Pose

"Yoga does not transform the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees" 


Upcoming Events

  • New Moon Sisterhood Circle
    Wed, 06 Oct
    06 Oct, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm AEDT
    Vaucluse, 5 Young St, Vaucluse NSW 2030, Australia
    Hello sisters!🌺 PLEASE NOTE this event it is collecting interest NOW. Join me and Denise in our series (Friday of every month) of incredible New Moon circles to keep up that light that started to dim and warm out our hearts. Learn more about the event in the description! 🙏
  • Full Moon Women's Circle & Cacao Ceremony
    Thu, 21 Oct
    Vaucluse - The Reconnection Room
    21 Oct, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm AEDT
    Vaucluse - The Reconnection Room, 5 Young St, Vaucluse NSW 2030, Australia
    Are you curious about personal spiritual growth? REGISTER YOUR INTEREST NOW for a nourishing evening filled with yoga and meditation to begin your inner journey. We'lll guide & explain to you about the Cacao Ceremony, the Moon Phases and how you can tune in with them to improve your well-being. 🙏
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