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India Retreat - Blissful Transformation

Rebirth journey with yoga, meditation, circle, Ayurvedic massage, Ayurvedic healthy food, beach and bliss

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India Retreat - Blissful Transformation
India Retreat - Blissful Transformation

Time & Location


Arambol, Arambol, Goa 403519, India

About the Event


The next year 2023 we want to bring you into a Blissful Transformation journey, where you can relax, detach from the rest of the world, heal yourself inside and out and be in complete nature. starting the year in great shape inside and out!


We go to the magical, mystical, spiritual, colourful India, not a better place on Earth for a transformation journey, specifically south India, in the state of Goa, staying in Arambol!

Arambol is a hub for the study of yoga, meditation, and alternative therapies. Lively Arambol centres on its namesake beach, popular with backpackers and bohemian travellers. Colourful beach shacks serve seafood, Goan cuisine, and western fare, and many double as bars with live music in the evening, holistic events popping up everywhere.

We will be immersed in lush nature, and beach, with joyful vibes that only this place on Earth can donate to you!


Between the last week of January to the first week of February, the exact date will be announced soon!

RSVP to receive full details! We are collecting interest and release full details soon!

🪷What is included? 

7 days accommodation,

Drinks & healthy ayurvedic meals,

Daily yoga and meditation,

We have planned holistic activities such as circles, ecstatic dance and more.

The full plan is TBC but I can assure you is full of nourishing moments!

🪷What is not included? 

Flights in and out


Transfers are available upon request with extra fees

Ayurvedic Massages

Any extra activity outside the retreat that you might want to experience

🇮🇳Why India? 

Many travellers over the past years and centuries have visited this special place seeking transformation, peace, and healing. India has a special frequency that deeply nourishes your soul. Each person who had the honour to travel to India might say the same thing, India is a healing and spiritual place. I spent three months in India doing my yoga teacher training and studying Ayurveda, and I had this feeling of a deep sense of joy, happiness and love that was unconditional.

I was with my backpack and no material things with me, yet was the happiest time of my life, Mother India gave me so much, and I wish you could experience the same, that's why is my absolute pleasure to accompany you on this amazing journey.

 🕉️What does Spirituality mean? 

Spirituality in Indian philosophy is about the correct way of living and the right way of thinking.

Spirituality is a broad concept with varied perspectives. For some, it’s something related to religion and for some, it’s related to the soul. Personally, spirituality is connected with the soul.

But we think that spirituality can be defined as a moment where the mind leaves behind all the mundane hindrances and problems aside to gain a temporary escape from the materialistic beings that we are.

Spiritualism is often regarded as ‘the science of the soul’, and it is believed that this science helps a man to rise above all worldly agonies. It is said that a person who does not gain spiritual knowledge can never attain moksha or emotional liberation. Thus, there is a great importance of spirituality in Indian life, which I think it's very important to understand before embarking on this journey.



Yoga teacher living in Australia. She became a yoga teacher in India. In India, she trained massage and Ayurvedic treatments. In Australia, she obtained a Yoga certification of 200 hours with a specialization in Yin Yoga. Reiki practitioner 2nd level certified. Holding spaces for holistic events and collaborating with amazing health professionals in other projects. Currently undertaking a brilliant journey studying for a bachelor's degree in health science Naturopathy.

🌺 Valentina

She is an expert in nutrition and holistic living, studying naturopathy. She knows a bunch about detox and how to have a healthy lifestyle! Reiki practitioner. Passionate traveller, her mission is to travel the world, name a place and most probably she has visited already.

📱 Contact us

For questions and requests, we are collecting interest so to receive full details of this retreat please RSVP so we can send you the exact dates and cost.

Request from Italy: Valentina +39 338 1936 534

Request from Australia: +61 404 513 616

Email to Deb:

Follow us on IG/FB @greenyogame

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