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Top Ten Asanas for Back Pain Relief

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What You'll Learn On This New Online Free Webinar

Back pain is one of the most common disorders today. Did you know that almost 50-60% of the population will suffer from long-term back pain at some stage during their life, given our modern lifestyle?

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You will learn step by step the Top 10 Yoga Asanas for Back Pain Relief, better than any pain-killer. 

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Super bonus. You will learn about healthy habits for a healthy spine.

Secret 3

You will learn lifetime tips about your diet for fighting body inflammation and pain.


About Debora

Deb is a yoga teacher and a free spirit who likes to play Tibetan healing bowls. Yoga came into her life in 2010 when she was living in London. Almost like a new revolution in her life! Since completing her Yoga Teacher Training & Ayurveda Basic principles with Ayurveda massages & therapies in India, she is counting 10 years of her practice. Teaching has become her true vocation and she has made it her profession. Today you can find her in Sydney CBD and Vaucluse, teaching yoga and mindfulness to help people have a grounded and balanced life. Currently, she is taking a second Yoga teacher certification to serve you better.

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Our Story

Green Yoga Me Why ''Green''? Well we love our Mother Earth and we respect our land, our animals and we try our best to protect it. Deb constantly works to sustain projects on environmental sustainability. 

Green Yoga Me it's a brand that believes in living a life full of joy, gratitude, and free of the Yoga Life. Sharing values and knowledge as a guide for our students during our teachings and practices at Green Yoga Me. Focusing on helping people better connect to themselves and their surroundings.

Testimonials from our Facebook Page

"Great class experience!! Best yoga classes I have ever had!"

- Cadu Torres, Sao Paolo, Brazil

“Beginner here - the instructor was very helpful and it was very easy to book a class. On top of the fact that the spot was amazing and was very enjoyable, the vibes are great!. Would highly recommend it.”

- Julian Mateos, Leon, Spain

"Green Yoga Me is Fantastic! Welcoming, relaxed, and down to earth. The classes improved my overall flexibility a lot."

- Pedro Cunha, Sydney, Australia

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