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Power at Your Fingertips: Healing Yoga Mudras for Better Balance and Control

Did you know that your body functions can be controlled by the use of simple hand gestures?

Mudras ‘meaning posture in Sanskrit’ are hand gestures made to form a closed communication circuit between physical and etheric body elements. Mudras form a significant element of yoga and meditation, as by exerting pressures on figure tips or hands, we can communicate with different parts of mind and body. Mudras can be classified into five groups:

  • Hasta (hand mudras)- Create a loop of energy between brain and hand

  • Mana (head mudras)- Includes the use of eyes, ears, nose, tongue and lips

  • Kaya (postural mudras)- Includes physical postures, breathing and concentration

  • Bandha (lock mudras)- Combining mudra with bandha (locks) to let Prana (life) flow

  • Adhara (perineal mudras)- Involve the redirecting of Prana from the lower centres of the brain.

Practising each mudra with Asanas (yoga postures) or with Pranayama (breathing exercises) for almost 15 minutes can bring very effective mind and body transformation.

We at Green Yoga Me are happy to walk you through it. Visit now and book a free 15-minute consultation with us today.

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