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How to Do Warrior II Pose | Green Yoga Me

Virabhadra is a Sanskrit word that roughly translates to ‘Distinguished Warrior’, and is also another name for the Hindu God, Lord Shiva. Hence, Virabhadra + asana means the Warrior Pose. It is one of common poses in Hatha Yoga (a kind of yoga), along with its many variations.

Here are six simple steps on how to do the Warrior Pose.

Step 1: First, come into a Tadasana or Mountain Pose, with feet at a hip-wide distance. Exhale deeply, focusing on your breath, and step back with your left leg, toes pointing slightly inwards. Firm your legs up.

Step 2: On an inhale, bring your arms up, parallel to the floor. Remember to keep your palms and shoulders down and neck long and straight.

Step 3: Turn your right foot very slightly to your right, your left foot out to the left at a 90 degree angle.

Step 4: Now exhale, and bend your right knee and keep your knee over your ankle. Keep your chin up to straighten the neck, and stare ahead over your right hand.

Step 5: Draw your lower abdomen in and up and lengthen your spine. Stay in this pose for 2-3 breaths. Slowly exhale, straighten your legs to come out of the pose.

Step 6: Switch over to the other side and repeat.

Contraindications & Cautions

Maintain caution or avoid this pose if you have high blood pressure or are currently suffering from diarrhea. If you have neck problems, do not turn your head to face your front hand. Simply continue to stare straight ahead, keeping your neck even. Also practice caution if you are pregnant, and consult your doctor on what is best for you.


The pose is widely loved and appreciated by many yogis due to its ability to stretch out many muscles in the body. It strengthens and stretches our legs and ankles, chest and lungs, shoulders and neck. It stimulates abdominal organs (ideal, if you are experiencing any digestion issues) and also increases our stamina. It relieves backaches and is highly beneficial for flat feet, osteoporosis, and sciatica.

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