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Tibetan Healing Bowls

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Ever wondered sounds can heal you inside out? Melodious vibrations from Tibetan healing bowls do exactly the same. A healing or singing bowl is a type of musical instrument used for therapeutic purposes. It is similar to an idiophone which produces vibration when struck with a mallet. The vibrations produce healing frequencies soothing for mind and body.

Here is an interesting fact that will surprise you

According to ancient Tibetan or Himalayan cultures, the healing bowls are made of seven metals melted together in a melting pot. Each metal represents a celestial body which is: Gold for Sun, Silver for Moon, Copper for Venus, Iron for Mars, Tin for Jupiter, Mercury/Quicksilver for Mercury, and Lead for Saturn.

The science behind healing bowl therapy

The vibrations allow the listener to de-stress and can be used as a treatment for anxiety, chronic pain, sleep disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorders. Mitchell Gaynor (oncologist and professor at Weill Cornell Medical College) believes that sound therapy acts by lowering stress hormones and strengthening immune systems.

A bit more detail for the knowledge lovers out there

Often used in meditation or religious practices, the healing bowls come in different sizes. Smaller bowls produce intricate sounds, while the larger bowls are used for creating deep sounds. Vibrations are produced by rubbing or pressing the mallet in a circular motion against the bowl rim to produce a bright and clear tone. In our modern world, healing bowls are often used in yoga center, meditation classes, stress therapy center to treat mental and physical body conditions.

So how about giving it a try?

To embrace the power of Tibetan bowls, contact us to book your first session at Healing therapy works like magic and drifts you into a deep and relaxing world of vibrations. Scientifically proven!

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