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Feeling like you want to create your sacred space and prepare a delicious cup of cacao? Light up a candle, have some incense or aromatherapy, listen to some relaxing music and perhaps meditate for few minutes? Buy our 100% pure Peruvian, ceremonial grade cacao today!


Cacao is a very powerful ancient superfood:

  • Full of antioxidants
  • Energy-boosting
  • Powerful aphrodisiac
  • Great source of Iron
  • Healthy alternative to coffee
  • Great for exercise recovery, mental health, fighting disease
  • Full of minerals as magnesium & potassium
  • Great source of polyphenols, helps to reduce inflammation


The effect of a ceremonial grade Cacao is known for generating a gentle expansive feeling, assisting with a deeper connection, unlocking spiritual channels, releasing negative emotions and opening the Heart Chakra.


Lastly, it's a great coffee alternative!

Ceremonial Grade Cacao

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200 Grams
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